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  • XN-9000 (XN-3000/XN-2000/XN-1000) operation - basic online training

  • XN-9000 (XN-3000/XN-2000/XN-1000) maintenance - basic online training

  • Immature platelets and clinical insight into thrombocytopenia

  • Webinar: Challenges in haematology quality control

  • Body fluids: test your knowledge!

  • Malaria: test your knowledge

  • Webinar: Malaria - Reignite the fight

  • Webinar:¬†Anaemia management in the context of Patient Blood Management in surgical patients

  • Transfusion webinar: The application of RET-He to assess latent iron deficiency in blood donors

  • Haematology expert sessions | Sysmex Virtual Expo 2020

  • Haematology basic online training

  • Increased MCHC: test your knowledge!